Into the possibilities smart contracts offer the world and how software engineers can prepare to launch powerful, ground-breaking startups utilizing this technology

Let’s rewind to 2017: Bitcoin is running wild, Ethereum has broken above $1,000 dollars, and tokens deployed on Ethereum during the now infamous ICO offerings are making millionaires everywhere.

Just kidding. Let’s fast forward. This isn’t a price speculation article. We’re engineers — for the most part, we don’t care about internet tokens (unless they’ve made us rich or are making us rich).

The purpose of this article is to discuss the technology known as smart contracts. While Bitcoin is the pioneer DLT (distributed ledger technology) we all know, it does not offer us the capacity to execute complicated, real…

Our annual ECMAScript dialect update is on the way with an expected release of June 2021.

So, what’s new?

Prior to React Conf 2018, functional components were stateless, and inherited their capabilities from a parent component that was extended off of the React Component class. These components purely inherited and displayed data.

For years, React developers have imported stylesheets into their .js or .jsx files. Simple and standard enough a practice, right?

Sameer Dewan

Software Engineer

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